Beer drinker sues miller brewing co for misleading fosters advertising

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A DISGRUNTLED beer aficionado is suing Miller Brewing Co. for misleading him into thinking Foster’s Lager was brewed in Australia.

New York man Leif Nelson, 37, has filed a lawsuit against Miller Brewing Co. in the Brooklyn Federal Court, claiming the companys advertising for Fosters Lager misled him.

He pointed to the companys slogan Fosters Australian for Beer as giving a false impression that the beer was from Australia.

Nelson was a loyal Fosters customer from 2012 to January 2015, and says he will start drinking their beverages again if they are correctly labelled.

The rights to Fosters Lager are owned by a number of companies, including Heineken International in Europe and SABMiller in India and the US.

Despite being known internationally as the quintessential Aussie beer, Fosters Lager is not a popular beverage in Australia.

A US brewer was hit with a $20 million settlement earlier this year after a court found the company had misled customers into thinking their beer was brewed in Germany.

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